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NieR:Automata is consuming my life; I have not been sleeping properly, and I am loving it immensely.…
Bunch of lewd/NSFW sketches as I get used to Clip Studio Paint:…
Ended up coloring that Rei-ted 18 pic for coloring practice. Link here:…
(I submitted just the lineart here to dA before but got taken down, so why would the colored version stand a chance, haha)
Inktober #31: Riding into the sunset with IF and Compa -…

PS: YES. YAAASSSSS. I DID IT. I FINISHED THE INKTOBER CHALLENGE. At 23:08 with 52 minutes before the deadline!!
Inktober #29: [NSFW Warning!] Lowee's Welcoming Party (feat. Blanc and C-Sha):…


[Closed] From Drawings to Inked Monochrome Pieces (Digital-Traditional Mix)
[Commissions Closed for the time being. Full-time job is pretty demanding at present.]

The samples provided above are final products - drawn on paper, inked, scanned, then cleaned.
[NOTE: Up to 5 commissions will be taken at a time.]

I'm feeling up to the task. I've been told that the only way for me to improve at this point is to start working "professionally" and start charging for the things I do. Help yourself, help me out too.


Q: "So is everything done on pencil and paper?"
A: Not necessarily. I can do drawings on paper or on my tablet, depending on the request. It's just an old habit, however, that once I move from drawings into the realm of inking, I HAVE to use paper. 

Specs: Bristol paper, A4 sized or 9 x 12" paper; then pigment inks + brushes.

Q: "Do you only draw people?"
A: Most of the time, yes. I am also willing to do other things (otherwise, how am I to improve?). Stay in contact with me though, as I'd like as much input as possible. References, poses, moods, attitudes, and other details help immensely. I'll be sending drafts back and forth until it's to your liking. 

Q: "Can you do my OC?"
A: Sure. Keep in mind though that I have more experience with humanoid characters than otherwise. Again, references, poses, moods, attitudes, and other input help out a good deal. In my experience, I end up doing roughs and designs as part of the process. By the time I get to working on the final product (like the samples provided above), it might take some time.

Q: "How long do you usually take?"
A: It really depends. Drawing continues to be a hobby of mine. No matter how seriously I take it, my job comes primary. Amid weeks that I'm busy, I have to admit that your request can take a while. What you CAN do to spur me on, however, is set me a deadline. A little bit of pressure goes a long way. Oh, nothing unreasonable, please (like 'by tomorrow' or something).


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Happy Birthday! Nep Nep Nep Neeeep!
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hi!! do you rp?
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Sorry, nope. Gave that up a long time ago.
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Happy Birthday, Jay.
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Hi, was just wondering how my commission is going :-) any previews yet?
2Unkown2Know Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
I have some roughs, but I have no access to my scanner right now, sorry..
deviantsaster Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's okay :-) I'm just curious x excited
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Rose used "Ass-Trail Drain"
It was super effective!
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Happy Birthday, Jay.
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